And We Made History….

Writing you letters has become a thing of the past now. Your name barely fills my mind. Eyes that where once the author of my mind have now closed, imitating the darkness of my memories, who in time will be erased.

You may ask, why the sudden need to write you a letter? Well, my letters will not longer have your name or your address. My letters will no longer belong to you. My writings, my pen, my paper will no longer know your name or of you.

When you left me, you took every piece of memory that I had with you. Every song that we danced to turned to words that burn my skin, blame it on the night. Dont blame it on me. Jokes that laugh on their own because they have known to laugh with. Time that passes by, faster than before.

I am trying to remember something about you. Something that I may not have noticed before. How you never said hi to my friends, but I knew that. How you never said how you felt about me, but I knew that. How you never came to see me that night when I asked you to, but I knew that.

The strange thing is that there are some small things that haunt me. The smell of energy drinks will always have your name. The weird jokes will always have your laugh.

I, also, would like to extend my apology. The city of Manhattan will always have my name. The “J” curves around Central Park in the winter. The “A” smiles along Grand Central with every foreign hello. The “N” hides in the pizzeria where our butterflies flew. And the “E” with a small kiss lives forever on your lips.

This is the part where I say goodbye. To our laughs, to our memories, and to you.


– Jane Elizabeth (@JaneElizabethRC)


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